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Marketing and Booking

7th Sky Marketing undertakes market research and make strategy before the launch of every project.

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For its massive advertising campaigns, 7th Sky Marketing always acquires the services.

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Public Relations

7th Sky Marketing not only utilizes its own onnovative marketing strategy of real estate marketing.

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Collateral Support

Being a truly professional and commercial marketing company, 7th Sky Marketing is a customer-oriented firm.

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Case Studies

Here’s All You Need To Know About Lintel & Its Usage In Construction

WHAT IS A LINTEL?  Lintels exist over openings such as windows, doors, archways A lintel is an important part of a building’s structure. It is the upper part of any window, door or opening (like […]

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Top Reasons to Use Steel in Construction

The use of the first steel-framed structure in a construction project can be traced back to the late 1800s. There is no doubt in the fact that steel has revolutionised the construction industry ever since […]

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Home Improvement Ideas to Boost Your House Price in 2021

Almost all of us spent a better part of 2020 indoors, working remotely and taking online classes. This new reality not only had a significant impact on our relationship with our homes but also made […]

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Different Types Of Wood Used In Home Decor & Construction

Humans have been using wood since the beginning of the time. It is a widely preferred material used to design furniture and floors because of its features like resistance to higher temperatures, sound absorption and […]

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